Architecture for me has become a way of life

Colours, Textures, Sounds, Form and Space motivate my action as well as my thoughts all through the day. A knowledge and appreciation for these basic elements gives us identity as an architect and a language full of passion with which to communicate our ideas. The fact that you create your emotions on paper and you get to see your creation came to life...from half inch to full-sized or imaging the people who will get to take part in the experience of walking through your mind. Believe me...it's an incredible felling!! humbling through perhaps but consider the challenges to our imagination and the sense of responsibility associated with the simple statement.

Vigneshwaran is a digital architect, founder and director of Footprint Architect. Vigneshwaran graduated from Adhiyamaan College of Engineering in Hosur, Tamilnadu , intuitively understanding that future lies in design, he founded Footprint.


To be viewed as a respected architectural firm, providing high quality design and services to our clients with honesty and integrity.


At here, our mission is to become a leading architecture firm in creative design solutions that resolves our client's social, environmental & economic needs.